New game “Gang Battle Royale: Frenemy” is now on au game!

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“Frenemy” is a compound word made from the words “Friend” and “Enemy.” It refers to a relationship where people act friendly with others while also being rivals. They may cooperate with one another or compete against one another.


This world’s view is “Yesterday’s enemy can be today’s friend.” It is a fierce and direct night world that conflicts with friendship and justice. Frenemy is a gangster action RPG that unravels the story of the hero and the characters around the world.


From September 5th to 18th, everyone who registered on the website can earn the au wallet point! All you have to do is registering from the campaign website and purchasing in-app items, then 20% of your purchase price will be rebated by au wallet point. Please check au game website for more details.

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