Lord of the Wars

Easy but full-scale RPG x simulation
Aim to unify the kingdom while developing cities to secure resources and troops and increase guild members
▼Let’s make an original castle town
The castle town is the base of the simulation part such as building construction and upgrading, researching each technology, leveling up heroes, and training the army. Let’s establish a powerful and prosperous castle town as you like!
▼Let’s raise a hero
Heroes lead battles and participate in domestic affairs. Level up heroes and assign them to each building in the castle town to advantageously advance the game.
Heroes have types, and each has a different specialty!
▼ RPG mode led by a hero
Choose upto five heroes to form and lead troops. There are many stages in RPG mode, and you can obtain various rewards as you complete them. It’s also a great place for heroes to level up!
▼ Battle with realistic online players
There are many real players on the world map, and they will be aiming at you. The battle is real-time, and an eager battle is waiting for you!
▼ Grab the throne with guild members!
Real players are not all enemies. Join the guild and forge alliances, reliable friends will give you a strong backup. Let’s make a world-famous guild with guild members!
Survive the battle between the guilds and the emperor’s throne is yours!
▼ The key to success is “diplomacy”
It may be difficult for your guild to compete with real players all over the world. Proactively engage in diplomacy and tie-ups with other guilds to advance the battle!

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