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Official LOW Ambassador Competition

150 150 Gamatch team

The 8 attendees below are competing others for the Official LOW Ambassador!

Sakura Nanase
Rinoa Kanzaki

Miki Kiryu
Saya Akane

Voice Actresses
Ryo Hisui
Lemon Suda

Masaki Naito
Ryuji Ochiai

Release Lord of The Wars to English speakers

150 150 Gamatch team

We are proud and excited to announce the approaching release of a new mobile gaming app, Lord of The Wars, to English speakers. For those who enjoy Mythology and battles, this is a great opportunity to connect with other fans! Lord of The Wars (LoW) aims to give players the freedom to create their own city, where they can raise powerful dragons and mythological heroes to protect themselves from invaders in an immersive magical 3d world full of enemies waiting to break in.


Lord of The Wars will be available for online play globally on both iOS and Android, so pick a few friends to team up with to battle the rouges that plague the land.


Thanks to the Gamatch team, players can collect a team of Mythical beings from all histories worldwide. (Thor, Athena, Dracula, you name it!) Why collect heroes to join your team? In the world of LoW, ancestors of the land had a terrible war, freeing dangerous prisoners who began wreaking havoc in the wastelands that remained. Until one hero decided to become a Lord to his City and help return peace to the lands. With the guidance of Athena, god of war, the hero will need to scavenge the area for help while taking down the very monsters that threaten to wipe out the last hope of peace. Some enemies can be taken down by one’s self, but others would need the help of other players in a Guild, so players must band together online to destroy overwhelmingly powerful monster dens. The strongest guilds will have the opportunity to keep base in one of the many dazzling, unbreakable fortresses in the Outer City. Of course, not all online players are friends, so players need to keep their shields up and battle with both monsters and other players alike!

A rich 3D strategy game based on HTML5 Canvas is now live in Japan!

150 150 Gamatch team

Have you ever seen such a hyper rich HTML5 game before? “Lord of the Wars” is a MMORPG meets strategy game based on HTML5 Canvas. You hire variety of heroes and fight with players all over the world!

Take over the world with your brave guild member!

New game “Kahn Wars” is now on Gesoten by GMO!

150 150 Gamatch team

Khan Wars is browser-based MMO strategy game. The game is set in medieval times where players can start building their own kingdoms. The diversity of choosing from 12 different nations to play with allows the players to use different strategies during their game time.

Khan Wars has all the classical elements of an excellent multiplayer strategy game, including developing a mighty empire, establishing a powerful army, crafting cunning strategies and most importantly – fighting other players!

Enter into the merciless medieval age NOW and test your skills against some of the most experienced gamers in the world.


#You need to register Gesoten to play Kahn Wars.

New game “Gang Battle Royale: Frenemy” is now on au game!

150 150 Gamatch team
“Frenemy” is a compound word made from the words “Friend” and “Enemy.” It refers to a relationship where people act friendly with others while also being rivals. They may cooperate with one another or compete against one another.


This world’s view is “Yesterday’s enemy can be today’s friend.” It is a fierce and direct night world that conflicts with friendship and justice. Frenemy is a gangster action RPG that unravels the story of the hero and the characters around the world.


From September 5th to 18th, everyone who registered on the website can earn the au wallet point! All you have to do is registering from the campaign website and purchasing in-app items, then 20% of your purchase price will be rebated by au wallet point. Please check au game website for more details.