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Located in Tokyo, we are a rising and vibrant mobile and H5/browser gaming publisher with focus in Japanese markets.
We publish games for AppStore, Google Play, au game, and Gesoten.

Our team is made up of a great mix of developers and game designers and our team’s enhanced experience will help to provide the best gaming experience when developing games for operating systems such as for iOS and Android. Our mission is simply to develop better quality mobile games in the rapidly growing markets.

Interested in working with us?
Please submit your resume using the contact form on our Jobs page and we will revert back to you very soon!!


New game “Kahn Wars” is now on Gesoten by GMO!

150 150 Gamatch team

Khan Wars is browser-based MMO strategy game. The game is set in medieval times where players can start building their own kingdoms. The diversity of choosing from 12 different nations to play with allows the players to use different strategies during their game time. Khan Wars has all the classical elements of an excellent multiplayer…

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New game “Gang Battle Royale: Frenemy” is now on au game!

150 150 Gamatch team

“Frenemy” is a compound word made from the words “Friend” and “Enemy.” It refers to a relationship where people act friendly with others while also being rivals. They may cooperate with one another or compete against one another.   This world’s view is “Yesterday’s enemy can be today’s friend.” It is a fierce and direct…

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